Playing fetch just got easier

This device is just what my poor arm needed today, a hyper dog ball launcher ball_launcher.jpg

I spent a wonderful afternoon playing fetch with 2 of our dogs with a sleeve of tennis balls I got on sale. My arm is tired but the dogs could have kept running forever. I had to manually throw the balls without the above “aid”.  I am not that good of a thrower for distance and our dogs quickly figured that out. They would not run that far and kept fairly close in.

The dog in the photo has the same look as my dogs have when they are playing fetch. They love to run after that ball. Thank goodness we have a large area in which to launch the ball into. Our only problem with one of our dogs is that she likes to also chew on the ball before we can get it away from her to throw it again. If we can get past that little problem then this device would be ideal for our dogs. It would have also worn out the dogs before my arm wore out.

I’ll have to keep my eyes open to see if they have one of those things in our local stores, if not I look online.


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