The dog business in England

The USA is not the only place in the world that spoils their dogs rotten, England has a good hand at it too. Let's face it, many of the most popular dog breeds in the world came from Europe and a good portion of those were developed in England. The Queen herself has made Corgi's a very popular dog breed in England.

Many places in England offer doggy day care just like the USA. I guess that everyone has to work there as well just to make ends meet and leave the poor dog at the day care which might be next door to the human day care.

The USA is not alone with those "designer mutts" such as the cockerpoos. One place in England has Cavoodles. One can only wonder what mix they are. They can be found at pugaliers puppies. The same website mentions that they will be ready at 8 weeks old. I guess that England has not kept up with the USA in recommending that puppies be 12 weeks or older when they can be separated from their litter mates and mother.

It come down to the fact that pet dog owners are the same everywhere around the world and try to do the best they can for their companion.


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