The Tibetan singing bowl


I got an education the other day on dog food bowls. It seems that a close friend of mine had gone to a garage sale about a month ago and saw a plain white 8" bowl. She needed a dog food bowl for her Shepard mix pup since the bowl she had was just too little and bought it. She washed it out and used it right away.

Her brother, the antique dealer and collector himself came over to see her about a week later. He just happen to see the bowl and snatched it up off of the ground and chastised his sister for using the bowl that way. He then gave her an education on Tibetan Crystal Singing Bowls. Apparently she was using a very expensive bowl to feed her pup out of.

After she told me that story I just had to look more into what a singing bowl was and found some interesting facts as well as eye popping prices on the darn things. Apparently she did not have an antique bowl but a newer made one since most of the anitque ones were made from a combination of metals. She ended up giving the bowl to her brother since he was constantly checking on it the entire time he visited her that day.

In exchange for the bowl her brother gave her pup a brand new set of stainless steel feeding and water bowls along with a new dog bed and several toys. I think she told me that she paid .50 cents for the bowl.


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