Tips for grooming the Great Dane

Here is a list of grooming tips for the Great Dane dog.

  • Use a water scraper (the type used to scrape water from wet horses) to help dry out the dog after bathing. Here is a link to an equine sweat scraper to see what I am talking about
  • Use a rubber curry comb to spread shampoo and help lift out dirt from their short coats.
  • Great Danes are prone to gum disease. Teach the dog to accept his teeth being brushed regularly.
  • Keep the dogs nails short. Nails that are too long can cause their legs to be out of alignment and cause pain in their legs over the long term.

Keep your Great Dane clean and healthy. Remember they have short life spans compared to other breeds of dogs so you want to enjoy them while you can.


You will want to check out this Great Danes video. It was on Animal Planet.

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