Ferret love affair

I have always wanted a pet ferret, but up until several years ago I lived in a state that banned their ownership. Not sure why since the same state allows people to own rattle snakes and other dangerous exotics but won’t allow ferrets as pets. Oddly enough a well known character (Rose) on a top TV show (2 and a Half Men) owns ferrets which is illegal to own in California.

I was always fascinated by their antics on TV and later on YouTube. They seemed so fun loving and playful, like a cat but with more curiosity if that was possible. Once I moved out of that state I discovered a whole new society that is on the same par with cat and dog owners when it comes to their pet ferrets.

ferret bed
ferret bed

The photo above shows how the ferret community is catered to by pet businesses and it is a BIG business. There are 100’s of ferret dress up costumes as well as toys, leashes and sleeping quarters.


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