Feeding your fish

What do you do when you go on vacation and you have fish as pets? If you have an aquarium you can purchase those "weekend" feeder blocks you can place in the tank. If you have fresh water fish in your tank you can also buy some floating plants they can kibble on and the plant can also supply some limited filtration.

That is fine for tank kept fish but what about pond kept fish? Most pond kept fish need to be fed twice a day if the pond is man made and does not have a natural bottom in which the fish can search for food. Do you have someone to feed the fish? If not you can purchase an Automatic Fish Feeder that will dispense fish food at regular intervals. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

This feeder can be set to dispense 1oz of pelleted feed per minute. There are many other types of automatic pet and fish feeders on the market, I even have 5 automatic horse feeders that are designed to dispense pelleted horse feed in the mornings. Just do an internet search and you are sure to come up with something on sale for what your needs are. Another feeder called the Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder has better reviews than the first one but it is more expensive. Here is what that one looks like:

A word of caution about automatic pet feeders, they will only dispense dry non-sticky feeds. Don't use feeds that have any sugar or molasses in it as it will only clog up the mechanism. You will also need to install it in an area that will not be subject to the weather or the local animals either knocking it over or trying to get a snack from it.

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