Selling your horse

Unfortunately with the economy on a down slide and quite a few people are finding themselves out of work they have to find ways to cut back on expenses. The pet horse is almost always the first pet to suffer since the horse is considered by many to be a luxury to own. Not because you have to have land to keep it on, but many city dwelling owners have their horses boarded and that costs about $300.00 a month and up per horse. My husband has even noticed that there were ads in the local horse magazines that were giving horses away. Some people just can’t afford to keep them anymore.

When horse owners put out ads that state “free horse” all kinds of people crawl out of the woodwork. I will say it once, never “give” your horse away for free unless you know the person (and can trust them) to who you are giving the horse to. There have been many horse traders/dealers who will show up at your door with their kids and say the horse will have a great family home. The minute the “family” gets the horse, the horse is put on a trailer and sold to the closest slaughter house or feed lot for cash.

I am not going to bash people for trying to find a home for their horse whether they give it away or sell it but I do have a helpful link. A fellow horse industry blogger put up names and maybe pictures of the people that pull stunts like the one I mention above. Link below:

Dealers who ship horses to kill


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