As an avid animal lover…..

…I must rant a bit. I normally don't rant on my blog because I want all my readers to enjoy the information I find and put here. This time I have to get something off of my mind.

I am a horse owner and have been for 20+ years. Now I love horses, I have shown them, ridden and drove them, bred them, cared for elderly horses till the end, raised and trained young ones, wrote about them, took pictures of them, drew pictures of them, made horse equipment, built barns and so much more. So why do people think that I would enjoy going to a rodeo? Just because there are horses there? To me asking a horse lover to go to a rodeo is like asking a dog owner if they want to go see a dog fight!!

I just politely say "Sorry but I am not "into" rodeos". Most people never bother me again about it but there is always some jerk that has to drop by my desk and tell me about the latest bull riding event. Yep, I have a co-worker that is a nut about bull riding and thinks that because I have horses that I like that stuff too. I have told him that I think it is cruel but it has not stopped him – yet.

There now I feel better.


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