Bubba is back home


The horse that I sold about 7 years ago has returned to me. If you remember I wrote about him last month in this post. His trip was more than just the 14 hours it took him to physically get here, it took years.

I can only assume the treatment he received while he was with his other owner. From what I had heard from her and a good friend of mine, she had a love/hate relationship with the horse. One minute she was having him trained by the best in the area and next he was living out his years in a round pen with no shelter from the heat or sun. That has all changed now………

This morning I had it all set up that he would be in a separate pasture from the rest of our little herd. I put the other horses out in one pasture and when I went back into the barn to put Buuba out he gave out this tiny foal whinny. I then remembered why we called him Bubba. He never seemed to grow up. As I put Bubba into the other pasture, he had other plans and jumped the fence to see the rest of the herd. He soon found out that he in turn got chased for his efforts. The herd dynamics that I knew were being tested. The top and only mare was the first to put him in his place. Several minor skirmishes took place and I was worried that my little mini would get hurt in the ruckus. Riddler, our gelding QH was the first to really test the new comer out. They faced off like 2 stallions ready to have at it. There was a lot of stomping and squealing.

Most of the major pecking order had been established by mid afternoon with a few chases thrown in for good measure. Pictured above is Bubba running in pasture and his legs are muddy from running through the creek several times. Below is Riddler and Bubba after they have decided to become friends or at least tolerate each other.

Bubba and Riddler

Then my mouth dropped open as I watched the mini strolling up to Bubba. All I thought about is dealing with a horse that was kicked in the head by another horse. To my great relief, Bubba and the mini hit it off great.

Bubba and Moe

So much for day one. Now I have to figure out the order to bring them into the barn at night and the order for letting them out to pasture each day.


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