Combating arthritis in pets, horses and humans

What if I told you that there was a product on the market that could numb the pain of arthritis for hours on end and it is not a pill? It works on horses as well as humans. Let me introduce you to Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. I have first hand experience with it and it WORKS!

When I first got involved with horses over 20 years ago, I learned to treat sore fetlocks and legs. Finding the right liniment for a horses legs to numb pain can be quite a hit and miss affair. I happen to be in a local feed store talking to one of the sales clerks when a man came in and asked about creams and lotions for his back pain. The gal directed him to the horse aisle and told him about Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. She looked at me and then told me that the horse arthritis lotions were more powerful than the human ones on the market and that many people came in looking for them. So I bought a bottle for my horses………with no intention to use it on myself.

Just a few weeks later one of my horses had knocked his leg on a pipe panel while rolling during turn out. It was swelling slightly. After hosing the leg down I went and got the liniment. My husband was with me attending to his horse and asked if I needed any help. Thrilled with the offer, I asked him to put some liniment on the leg of my horse while I held him. He poured about a half cup into his large cupped hands and then rubbed it all over the swollen area of my horses leg. I warned him to wash his hands afterwards due to the smell of the stuff.

After taking care of the horses we were heading home. The drive from the boarding stable was about 20 minutes to our house and husband drove. All of a sudden I heard him mutter “oh no.” Which did not sound good at all. I looked at him and he told me that his hands had just gotten numb. He had forgotten to wash the stuff off of his hands. We made it home but the numbness in his hands lasted the rest of the evening.

We had discovered the power of Absorbine Veterinary Liniment to the max. Since that day I have used it on horses, dogs and yes ….. humans. A word of warning, if your horse or dog likes to lick the injured spot that you put the liniment on, you might want to wrap the area with vet wrap after applying the liniment. That is to prevent the horse or dog from getting a numb tongue. I would not use this product on a cat since they like to lick themselves dry and would probably ingest enough of the stuff to get sick.



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