Where to find cheap pet supplies?

I never thought that looking for a grooming item would be so hard! Let me tell you what I am looking for. I have a 19 year old mare that is just beginning to exhibit Cushings with the long coat that is hard to shed out. With her medication, most of it is under control but she still has a few areas that were resistant to shedding out completely. Each night, after she has finished eating her dinner I would enter her stall and groom her out to remove as much hair as possible. Since early spring this had become a ritual with me and she was looking forward to our grooming sessions. I have clippers to completely clip her but as most horse owners that clip their horses know, it is much more than just clipping a horse, it involves a bath. A whole body clip takes about 3, few hour sessions, to get it done right. I was not up to that kind of work. But I did remember that years ago there was a grooming comb that was made for dogs that had teeth and a razor that was used for stripping out a coat. So I started looking for one.

The first place I looked for such a comb was at my local Petco. Did they have them, yes they did but it was not quite what I was looking for. It was a furminator and I was not about to pay $54 for it!!!! $54!!!! That price was outrageous. I was hoping for some sort of sale price but no deal at that place. I checked a few department stores but none of them had anything. Next up I checked eBay. I was always able to find what I am looking for on eBay and this time it was not different. They had the exact same type of shedding the Petco had and almost the same price. So where do I look now?

Since I knew that the furminator was the only shedding comb on the market right now that might do the job that I wanted I Googled it. Found it and for much cheaper than the local Petco.

My search is over and hopefully it works on my mare.

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