Driving my miniature horse

I had a blast today. Nice overcast weather that was not too hot but just right for horse training. I got Moe out (the miniature horse) of pasture and did a through groom job on him. I am so glad he is finally shedding out this year. Put the harness on him and led him to the arena where I had the cart waiting. I had hitched him up last week and led him around the property just walking beside him and he did really well. This time I ground drove him and waited until he settled down before hitching him up to the cart. I drove him on the ground after hitching him up by walking behind the cart. He was doing so well that I decided to stop him and get in the cart so he could feel the weight of the cart change. I did that a few times and he turned his head to look at me. Then I got on board and decided to drive him while in the cart. He did great. He is learning to turn the cart by pushing on the shafts to turn it. I trotted, walked and even backed him up in harness. I kept to working him in the arena and next time I plan on taking him out to a large flat area that we have that is the future home of our jumping arena. I have got to get some photos next time.


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