Eating your pets


I simply find it amazing that some horse owners in the USA condone the slaughter of horses for human consumption as a way of controlling the horse population. They justify this by sighting the many horses that are showing up at "horse rescues" all over the USA. This to me is no better than the idea of taking all the dogs and cats in animal shelters and conducting experiments on them or using their skins for human fur coats – both of which has been done in the past until laws were passed to stop such practices.

Where did I find such facts that horse owners are mostly for this practice? On the horse message boards across the USA. Only a handful were openly against the wholesale slaughter of horses. I am sure, or at least hopeful that there were many others that were against horse slaughter but simply remained silent on the issue.

The noble horse has helped man with farming, transport, sports and companionship throughout the centuries. Only in times of extreme famine has man normally resorted to eating this animal. Nowadays horse flesh is a delicacy and as such is in demand in certain countries throughout the world. Why are we supplying them? Simple – money.

I hang my head in shame that as a horse owner I am surrounded by pro horse slaughter horse owners. I will always remain dead set against horse slaughter of any type – enough said.

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