Growing long manes and tails – the scam

Did you get that “fairy tale horse” email? It is the one that claims to help your horse have luxurious manes and tails. I got the email last week and thought it sounded a bit odd. I did some investigating into it.

As it turns out, it is a series of ebooks that the author, Beth Moore (if that is her real name) is promoting through clickbank. Currently this little scam is raking in $57 a sale to Beth. From what I was able to find out, the only advice she gives in her books for a long mane and tail is not to brush it.

The scam does not end there. It seems that her website (also called a “push page” in the industry) is full of photos of horses that she has grabbed off of the internet. None of those horses are hers, the owners never heard of her or use any of her techniques to grow long manes and tails. In fact several owners of the horses are trying to get the photos off of her website.

Now if you Google the phone number listed at the bottom of the web page (404-419-7920) be prepared to spend the next 30 minutes wading through what seems to be countless other products this person is selling, including a cure for tight foreskin…I assume on men.

If you have a horse that is on her website just contact Clickbank and they will help you out. They don’t like fraud either and will do what they can to put a stop to it.


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