Horse blanket repair

One way that I save some money with my horses is to make repairs to items that are either worn or damaged by the horses. Horse blankets are one of the most expensive items that you can buy for your horse. A good quality turnout blanket will cost at least $100, if not more. The cheaper ones are under $80. When I shop for one I try to find one that is marked down at least 50%. I occasional get lucky and find one that is 80% marked down.

I also try and repair those horse blankets if they get damaged. Sometimes they are so badly ripped they are beyond repair and other times the damage is in a location that cannot easily be repaired at all. The hardest part about horse blanket repair is the actual material handling of the blanket while trying to sew it on the sewing machine. The blanket is so bulky and thick that it is hard to handle.

There are people who make a living by just offering a horse blanket repair and washing service. That is something that I do not envy one bit. More power to them. I'll just stick to doing minor sewing repairs on my blankets and turnouts.


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