Horse lovers treated like second class citizens

Here I am all set to watch the broadcast of NBC’s Rolex Equestrain event for one whole hour (whoopie, they are only broadcasting it for one hour) and what happens? They are putting the end of the hockey championship on. This is something that happens over and over again for horse related sports broadcast on American TV.

Now if I wanted to watch the Rolex event live on the internet I only have to sign up at the official Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event (yep it lasts for 3 whole days and NBC only wants to show one hour) and pay $12.99!! I may have DSL but the connection is still not fast enough for live streaming video. All I wanted to see was some world class horse jumping but the powers that be say – NO.

It is the treatment that the American broadcasting networks have been treating horse events (other than horse racing and rodeo) that really ticks me off. I really think that they only want to show a horse event if there is some chance that the horse or rider might get killed like in racing or rodeo forget about other horse events. I was half hoping that Animal Planet would pick up events like this but they aren’t showing it either.



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