Horse owners save money


Cutting back on expenses doesn't have to mean going without. The last place you want to cut back expenses on for animals is food. Good food will keep an animal warm and healthy. It will also mean you can save on a vet bill if the animal is healthy. Look around your home and barn for ideas to save money. 

One of my neighbors has cut down on her electric bill for her barn. She now has a string of low energy led lighting strung across the tops of her horse stalls to take the place of her other barn lighting. It gives out just enough light to allow her to feed in the mornings and get the horses situated for the day before she leaves for work.

Her monthly savings might only be $5 a month, but that is $60 a year that she didn't have before. $60 can help pay for her horse's annual vaccines. You can find items to save money on besides cutting back on feed.


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