Horse supplements


Do horse supplements really work? Let me tell you about my experiences with horse supplements. About 10 years ago I acquired a Shetland pony that had suffered from a severe case of laminitis (founder). Her feet were so bad that the farrier saw blood in her hoofs every time he trimmed her. I had read about the benefits of biotin and gelatin for hoofs and added those items to her daily feed. It took less than 4 weeks for me to notice that the little pony mare was having less pain and was walking better.

The next time the farrier dropped by to trim her hoofs he remarked that he could not find any blood traces in the hoof. I told him that I had added the biotin and he knew about the benefits of that supplement but was amazed that I added powdered gelatin to the mix.

I know that gelatin was known to help grow long nails in humans so I thought it might help the pony grow her hoofs out faster than normal and it worked.

I no longer have that little pony but I have a good friend that owns her now. My friend kept her on those same supplements and you would have never known that she had hoof problems.


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