Hot walker

No the title is not about walking for exercise for humans, it is about a horse hot walker. For those of you not familiar with the term, it is a machine you attach your horse to via a lead line to walk your horse until the horse cools down – hence the name "hot walker". It was generally used at racetracks and very large training barns to take the place of the lowly horse groom. The horse groom was an essential part of a large horse operation because it enabled the trainer to work with more horses each day. The horse groom generally took care of the horse both before and after the ride or training session. It was the groom that the horse was turned over to when the horse was still hot from the workout. The groom had to make sure the horse was cooled down properly before the horse was allowed to eat or drink. Eating while still hot will cause a horse to colic (a very bad stomach ache). Colic in a horse can cause death so you can see why cooling down a horse was important.

I use to board my horses at a stable that had a horse walker and 3 of our horses are trained to use one. When we moved our horses to our own place I wanted a hot walker. I even looked for one and just missed out on getting one for free. Six years after that I still did not have a hot walker. We moved again to a larger property and this time I managed to find a hot walker. This one was old and needed work. Hubby promised me he would fix it up, that was 2 years ago and it still sits not hooked up to electricity and getting rusty. Now that type of hot walker is getting old fashioned. There is a newer type that has been on the market for a few years that you just let your horse in it loose. Here is a link to that type of horse walker. The only drawback to that type of walker is that you have to have more space for it than the conventional hot walkers. Also you would need to have a carefully level and well draining site in compared to the old fashion type where you only have to worry about the areas that the horse is walking. I do believe the newer ones you can set at different speeds so you can trot the horse for exercise as well as using it to cool the horse down. That would be OK if you are conditioning a horse for show but I would rather ride the horse for exercise, both for me and the horse.

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