Patrick Swayze and his horse Tammen

The actor, Patrick Swayze was very fond of his Arabian stallion, Tammen. Tammen was bred by Tom McNair, he was very prominent breeder in the Arabian breeding world. Tom McNair either bred, owned or trained many other famous Arabians such as Morafic, Barnaby and Sakr. Tom McNair passed away in 2006 and his wife Syliva set up an online photo tribute to him. In the many photos are shots of Pat Swayze and his wife along with Tammen and Tammen’s offspring.

Tammen’s sire was Abenhetep a famous Egyptian bred Arabian horse that has very few horses alive today that carry his bloodline.


The photo above shows Pat with Tammen, taken about 1991-1992. If I remember correctly the poster was done to raise money for a charity but I can’t remember what the charity was.

Below is a YouTube video of Pat showing Tammen. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the video, it was made over 10 years ago.

Patrick always had a fondness for horses and Arabian horses are were his passion. Here is another better quality video of Pat discussing his passion.

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