Putting your horse on a diet


Do you have a horse that looks more like a blimp? There is no such thing as a fat burner pill for horses, only an owner that is knowledgeable in what they feed their horse. Putting a horse on a weight reducing diet is a slow process. First all unnecessary grains, sweet feeds and treats are to be removed form their diet. Grass hays should replace the higher calorie alfalfa hays. Next the owner should be only feeding the hay by weight and not bulk. The average horse eats 15-17 pounds of hay a day. That amount is usually split up into 2 feedings fed approximately 12 hours apart. The process of the horse losing weight should be done over a period of several months. As the horse loses weight, exercise then can be slowly increased. Go slow on the exercise as a horse that is overweight might also exhibit sore legs due to the increase in weight on them.


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