The animals of Chernobyl

This year, in April, will mark 26 years since the nuclear reactor at Chenobyl melted down and caused the permanent mass evacuation of over 200,000 humans from the surrounding areas.  But what happened to the animals in those areas? Those people were not allowed to take their pets with them, at least that is what I have found out. That stems from the government misleading those people that they would be allowed to return after 3-4 days. That fact we know was untrue. So what happened to the animals?

According to the photo journalist Filatova Elena Vladimirovna who travels into the zones around Chenobyl “wild animals thrive.” Official government sources deny that there are any genetic mutations in the animal populations but she has reported seeing some odd looking “wolves.” Someone brought some “Prejevalsky Horses” (her spelling not mine) to the area a few years ago (in the early 2000’s) and there are now 3 herds of them. To read more about her exploits in the aftermath of Chenobyl, visit her website at

Other facts that I gleaned from the internet is that all of the horses (or at least most of them) that were left during the evacuation developed thyroid cancer within days and then died.

You will find a wealth of video information on YouTube about the area and even the news reports of the current government wanting to farm the area now. After tests of the fruit being grown wild in the area now, scientists have found that the plants are now resistant to radiation. My question is, who are they going to get to farm the area? Radiation in the soil is still high enough to kill farmers.


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