The loss of a great horseman and actor

A few days ago Patrick Swayze passed way due to cancer. The film industry lost a great actor and the horse world lost a world known Arabian breeder and showman. I wrote a blog post here last year covering Tammen, Patrick Swayze’s champion Arabian stallion. In the last 2 days that blog post has gotten over 3000 visitors alone. Pat so loved that horse. His passion for horses has always been one of the main driving forces in his life along with his wife.

His book The Time of My Life . will no doubt cover his love of horses. The book is scheduled to go on sale next week – 9/29/2009. Written by him and his wife the book promises to cover their marriage and life together.


For those of you that left comments on the other blog post, thank you. If you have not seen that post I urge you to go read it and watch the video of Pat showing Tammen on there. As a final tribute I will post the picture of the poster that Pat and Tammen appeared in, enjoy:


RIP Patrick Swayze

Tammen 1985-1999

May you and Tammen be together again and enjoying each others company.


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