The skinny horse

I find it so amazing how us humans are so weight conscious. For ourselves we worry about diets and finding weight loss products, yet for horses we fret over them not getting enough food. When I visit many of the horse related message boards online, at least one or 2 of the threads are about their horse’s weight. Most think that their horse is too skinny when in fact when they post pictures of their horses, they look just fine, great in fact. I think that the “skinny horse” syndrome came about because of the many visuals on TV of horse that were confiscated by local Animal Control. It got everyone wondering if their own horse is too skinny.

If you are wondering if your horse is the right weight or not, you can do a Google search on the words “horse fitness scale” and see the results. There are a few tests you can do on your own horse to see if they are the right weight.


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