Riding boots

I am picky about what I wear on my feet. Shoes have to be comfortable and riding boots had better fit correctly. I can't tell you how many times I have shopped for English style riding boots and never find a pair that have fit me. My problem is that my calf muscles are too big. Even the extra wide tops don't fit. I have had to settle for either short boots or the lace up type.

That being said, I have found one maker of riding boots that was founded by women and their first boots were designed for women. They are Ariat. They have since moved into mainstream shoes womens that is. My favorite boot made by them the Terrain a cross between a sneaker and a lace up western riding boot. It is the most comfortable boot or shoe I have. I must remind myself to get a new pair soon 'cause the pair I have are about 6 years old and worn almost out from constant use.

One thing I have found out about riding boots is never to buy a pair with a terrain or hiking boot sole. The bottom of the boot/shoe should be smooth, if not they get stuck in the stirrup and can cause your foot to hang at the dismount. Unfortunately many so called riding boot makers still make horseback riding boots that have soles on them that are made for hiking and not riding……..stay away from them. I have a pair of them sitting in my closet, they are great for hiking in the snow but I would never ride in them. They are made by Mountain Horse.

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