It has been a looong weekend

I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down at the computer to find something interesting to write about. We are currently having a wind storm where I live so the power and the DSL line keeps going out on me. The only real news items I have been able to come across is the vast sales of horses on the market. Mostly due to people over breeding and flooding the market. Other factors are lack of land to house them, since many former boarding stables have closed down and sold out to developers. On another note I haven’t heard anything new about Snowball the deer. Last I heard was that Fish and Game were fighting the court order to turn her back to the family that raised her. Another item in the news that seemed to drift away is the Ellen D. dog story, I heard nothing more about that one.

I think that most of the news lately has been focusing around the Christmas shopping season. I personally cannot see it that bad since the last 4 days (before the wind storm) I have watched as a local Christmas tree farm has been harvesting Christmas trees from sun up to sunset with a helicopter.  On the shopping front, Walmart and Kohl’s were packed yesterday and people were buying. I did notice that in the pet aisle at Walmart that people were picking up those mini fishtank set-ups. I don’t know if they were for gifts or not.


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