Saddened by Britain’s decision to sell forests


This morning I was greeted by the news that Britain has decided to sell off as much as half of their formerly protected forests. The historic forests of New Forest, which was planted during Henry the VIII's time and Sherwood Forest are endanger of being cut down.

The economy, or at least the overspending by the British government, has put the government in a bind, financially that is. They have decided to sell something to get more money, unfortunately that something is ancient forests.

Maybe someone should show them that instead of trying to raise more money, they should cut back on overspending. After all we have all learned not to live on credit cards nowadays. Isn't is best to treat the cause rather than the symptom? Much like avoiding excessive sun exposure rather than finding a treatment for skin cancer.

Yes, forests do grow back but not if the land has been paved over due to development which is likely if the forest land is sold.  Even if forests are replanted the resulting trees take about 40-50 years to grow to harvesting size.

Now I am just waiting for the protests and riots to take place over the decision, if any.


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