Did you know you could get life insurance for pets?

Most people that own show animals know that you can purchase life insurance for your pet. There are various reasons why you might consider buying life insurance for Fido or Dobbin. One is the fact that if you have a rather large pet and live in an area that does not allow for backyard burials of pets then the insurance can pay for the burial or cremation as well as reimburse you for some of the vet bills if there were any.

If you have a valuable breeding animal you might consider purchasing life insurance for the duration of the pregnancy of the pet just in case the animal die prematurely while giving birth. I did that for one of my mares several years ago. To insure her for the year it cost $150.00 for a policy worth $5K.

Before you run out and compare life insurance policies for pets, be warned that the cost of the policy will not be your only payment. Your pet will have to pass a vet exam and the vet fill out a paper for the insurance company stating the pet is in good health. That might cost another $100. The insurance company will want to know how you determined the value of the animal and you will have to be prepared to show that the animal is worth what you are insuring for. I had show records and the mare was double registered with top bloodlines. She was worth much more than the $5K I had her insured for but I was thinking more along the lines of vet bills and costs should she die and not her replacement cost.


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