Foal watching

Since my neighbors mare is pregnant and expecting her first foal in May I just had to go over and check out everything. Lisa, the neighbor, has everything all set to go, she is anxious to say the least. The mare is very special to her because the mare's mom was Lisa's first horse and died right after giving birth to this mare. To say that she is worried about the birth part would be an understatement. Lisa did some research last night and came up with an interesting solution to ease her panic just a bit. She is going to put a camera in the mare's stall so she can keep an eye on her at night when Lisa is in the house. She even found a website for remote security cameras that might do the trick for her. I thought that the site was interesting enough to put the link to it here. She liked the idea they had a wireless hook-up and that she could watch the mare on her computer in the house.


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