Its raining, its pouring

Winter is almost here and we have some very wet winters and springs. It has been raining solid for 2 days now and sections of my pastures have turn to a thick soupy chocolate mud. Taking the horses out to pasture this morning I found myself leading 6 very reluctant horses. They did not want to leave the barn today. I on the other hand did not want 6 hyper active horses with energy to spare in the barn all the time, so out they went, if only for a few hours.

My 2 older horses are feeling the affects of the coming winter and it is not like them to move so slowly. Poor things, their bones are starting to stiffen on them. One of them will be 23 next year and the other one 18. I am starting to supplement their feed with joint medication now. The thought of either of them getting to the point where I would have to have them put down for them being in too much pain frightens me. I have had them both for about 17 years now.

Every winter, I go though thoughts of maybe one of the pets, horse, dog or cat, not making it through the winter. They always surprise me and make it, but I know that one of these winters my fears will come true.


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