Keeping your pet safe around the house

Older pets are often wiser than puppies and kittens when is comes to knowing what is safe to play with around your home and what is not. I have not have any house pet learn to chew on power cords but we did have a teenage cat that almost chewed through the Christmas tree lights on the tree a few years back. Thank goodness we saw him trying to take a chomp at it when we scared him away from the lights. Pet safety around the house should be top of your list if you have a young cat or dog in the home.

Cats can be notorious when it comes to playing with dangling cords. With the older bulkier TV sets you could hide the cords inside the TV cabinet or stand but with todays flat screen TV's you have got to be careful about the cords if you hang the TV on the wall. Most of the newer TV plasma stands have a central column that you can run the cords through to hide them from sight and your pets. Do your pets a favor and keep power cords out of their reach.


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