Life insurance for pets

You can laugh all you want when you hear about companies that issue life insurance policies for pets until you have a pet that dies and leaves your with a huge vet bill or disposal fee. Imagine having your beloved horse pass away one night from a heart attack in it's stall. Not only do you have to figure out if you can afford to have the horse buried, cremated or rendered but you have also lost a valuable possession that you can either afford to replace or not.

Dogs and cats are no different when it comes to vet bills that they can rack up before leaving this Earth. Add to it the fact that the dog or cat might have been a show animal with rare bloodlines and the loss to your breeding program is devastating.

Those scenarios now become much more than just a laughing matter when money is an issue. So how do you go about looking for life insurance leads for pets? First do a simple Google on pet life insurance. Next only look at insurance companies that specialize in animals. Then add the words "scam" or "ripoff" to the company's name and Google it. Hopefully nothing will come up, but if it does you can find out what people are saying about that company. Never, but never believe the testimonials on their own website.

Another good source is your own vet. Ask them if they have ever had a customer that didn't get paid their pet's life insurance and why.


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