Our old dog Trixie

Trixie, a large black Lab was my mom and dad’s dog. They got her as a puppy just about the same time my daughter was born. My dad spoiled Trixie rotten but Trixie was a friendly and loving dog. After my dad died my mother moved in with my sister and took Trixie with her. Trixie use to be a house dog and was now banished to their backyard. On more than one occasion I was asked to come over and fix their fence because Trixie got out again. Trixie was never taken on walks and she use to chew through the new solid wooden fence just to make visits in the neighborhood. One Thanksgiving my family went over to spend the day at my sister’s house. My mother was in her late 70’s at the time and she was being rather harsh to Trixie. Trixie had snuck into the house and my mother was hitting her to get her outside again. My husband was shocked, shocked enough to tell them that we were going to take Trixie home with us.

Trixie was now our dog. She no longer was a prisoner of a small backyard. She had the space to roam on our few acres. Trixie was about 5-6 years old then. We moved to a larger place in the country and of course Trixie came with us. She is now in her 14th year and I do believe that the years she has spent with us have been her happiest. She loves the company of our other younger dogs. They seem to look up to her as their “mom”. She enjoys barking at the horses and follows us when we take walks in the woods. She is now starting to show her age. She walks slightly sideways now. She has cancer and several tumors. The vet and we thought it was best just to leave everything alone because of her age. We just keep her comfortable. She still runs and gets around pretty good but I wonder when will her time come. I haven’t even picked out a spot to lay her to rest when the time comes. If I was still living in the city I might have to do what my sister-in-law did with her 2 dogs, she had them cremated and their ashes are in urns on her mantle. I have found a site that has urns for pets, called Angel Ashes. They have interesting photo pet urns and a link page full of pet resources.

I know Trixie will be missed when she goes. Katie, my daughter’s dog loves Trixie to bits and I am hoping that she will not morn the lost of Trixie too bad when it does happen. I don’t think I will go the cremation route but I can see someone doing that if they don’t have the property to bury their beloved pet.

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