Saddened by the passing of Trixie

Trixie, our 15 year old Lab mix, passed away today. She had been fighting a losing battle with cancer for the last 2 years. She was active until her last day. Normally she hangs out with me as I lead the horses out to pasture but she was strangely missing this morning. She commonly wanders around our 7 acres so I thought she was off somewhere on her travels.

I had not see her all day when late in the afternoon I went looking for her. I found her near our wood pile, where she had lately decided to sleep most of the time. She must have past away in her sleep since the area showed no sign of a struggle. We already had a spot and grave dug for her since we found out about her cancer 2 years ago. I buried her this evening.

We took her away from my mother about 7-8 years ago because Trixie did not like being shut up in their small backyard. Trixie was always digging out or chewing through the fence to go and visit the neighborhood. She never did learn to get along with our horses but she did enjoy the freedom that our acreage had to offer her.

Rest in peace Trixie.

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