Second hand smoke and your pet

Should it surprise you that pets are affected by second hand smoke? Not really. If second hand smoke affects unborn children and kids growing up, why not pets? While pets might not get asthma or lung cancer they can develop heart and circulatory problems. I have a brother and sister-in-law that have dogs. While my dogs all live past their 15 year life expectancy, their dogs all seem to develop health problems at an early age and die before they are 10.  Our household has no smokers in it, while my brother and sister-in-law both smoke heavily. They both found out how to quit smoking using several methods but neither one of them quit for longer than 6 months at best.

They love their dogs dearly and I have told them that their smoking habit might be the cause of their dogs health problems but they only make smug remarks and continue to expose their pets to their second hand smoke.

If you smoke and have indoor pets, consider their health and how your smoking affects them.


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