Storing your pet supplies

A long time ago I figured out that I had to keep medications, shampoos and first aid ointments that are used for my pets, separate from the human stuff in the house. This was not to keep anything from getting contaminated, no, this was so I could find it. Dog shampoos were notorious for going missing. I remember once leaving out a skin cream for a dog that my mom had years ago on my mother's bathroom counter and she mistook it for one of her wrinkle creams and used it. No harm done but that dog skin cream cost a fortune back then and she used most of it on her face. That was when I learned to seperate the pet supplies from the human ones.

I have a pantry that has a closet with shelves. One entire shelf is devoted to pet supplies and nothing else. I can find what I need and when I need it for my pets right there. I just have to remind myself to put it back once I have finished using it.


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