Update on feral kitten

I don’t know who is out there praying, but who ever you are someone is listening to you.

My husband finally found out about the kitten when he asked me “why is there a dead kitten on our couch?” I answered him, “is it dead already?”. He said no, but it was breathing very lightly. It was then he suggested putting the heating pad under it. I was worried that he would jump all over my case about taking in another animal but it has shown me that he has a big heart too.

About 15 minutes later the kitten was eating some broth from a can of cat food that I put on a small spoon for it. It then went back to sleep. The kitten can now hold it’s head up and look around, before it was just limp. Keeping my fingers crossed and with lots of care this one might pull through. Keep those prayers coming!


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