Veterinarians, we have all had our share of bad ones and good ones. I could tell you tales of idiot vets that I have had through the years. One was great for dogs and cats but I would not let him near my horses and he was a large animal vet as well. That came about because one year I wanted to insure my mare during her pregnancy just in case something went drastically wrong with it. My regular horse vet had just sold his practice and the remaining horse vet was extremely busy. I thought all I needed was a complete but basic exam for the mare and the vet to fill out and sign the insurance paperwork so I called our dog and cat vet (the one I didn’t want around the horses). He came looked at the mare while she was still in her paddock, mind you, he looked at her from out side the paddock – never went in. He then took one look at the paperwork. He then looked at me and said “she looks alive”, signed the paperwork and just checked off the areas that should have numbers like pulse rate, temperature, weight and so on. He then charged me $150.00 and said “we’re done”!

I sent the paperwork to the insurance company and they had no problems with it. Life insurance for horses, it just boils down to money. Pay them enough and they look the other way. Seems the vets do the same thing – at least that one did.

For a good laugh you have got to check out the Fugly Horse blog post about the strange things that have happened to vets and vet techs. You won’t believe how dumb people can be when they are explaining something to their vet about their horse, dog or cat.


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