Jobs with animals

If you are an animal lover then having a job where you are actively involved with animals everyday is a dream come true. My ideal job would be either handling, working with or training animals. Jobs I would suck at is jobs in sales. I think that both Petsmart and Petco have turned me down more than once over the years. I just have no retail experience and doing a “hard sell” on someone is not my idea of working with animals.

I have interviewed with both companies and I was told if I wanted to work as one of their dog trainers I would have to sell the clients on books and equipment that may or may not be needed by the client. That was not my idea of helping people but helping a company into dog lovers wallets. I passed on those jobs.

I have also heard some horror stories about how the store dog trainers are treated by those companies. Do you have stories about those stores you would like to share here? Go right ahead.


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