A virtual pet for your Playstation

Did you know that the new PlayStation Move has a virtual pet game? It is called EyePet and it is one of the more creative games to get you to think on a 3 dimensional level. Check out the short YouTube video below of the game.

Designed for the younger video gamer, the virtual EyePet is cute. I wonder when they will come out with the virtual horse game with shovels and a muck cart so you can get really realistic and clean out the virtual stall. On the other hand maybe this little monkey/dog (?) does poop and you have to clean it up but they don’t show that in the commercial.

The virtual pet game is not much in the way of exercise unless they figure out a way to make a virtual horseback riding game. I could not even begin to imagine what a “saddle” might take the form of. Now don’t get me wrong, I love exercise games like Dance Dance Revolution but when adding an element like an animal sport to the game, the game programmers have a long way to go.

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