Dog friendly restaurants

In Europe it is very common that dogs are allowed into restaurants with their owners to dine. France is very dog friendly when it comes to allowing pets to be with their owners in public places. The dog owners have taken the extra step of making sure that their dogs have fantastic manners when out in public.

That is fine for places in Europe but are there any dog friendly restaurants in the USA? Most states and localities have strict laws against animals in restaurants for public health reasons, at least that is what they site when prohibiting the dog from the restaurant. So what do you do when you are traveling with your pet? You can either leave the dog at the hotel in a crate while you go out and eat. You could take the dog with you and go through a fast food drive through. If you are traveling to the San Diego area there are a few La Jolla restaurants that cater to dog owners. For areas near where you are traveling just look up the phone number of the local restaurant and give them a call. If they don't allow dogs ask them to suggest a place that does. If enough people call that restaurant asking them if they are dog friendly then it might encourage them to change their policy to get the dog owning public as customers.

As more and more people are now travel with their dogs, restaurants are now starting to cater to them especially in tourist destinations. 

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