Fear in the pet food aisle


I know I am not alone when I worry about what I am feeding our cats and dogs. I find myself periodically checking to to see what pet foods are now on the latest recall list. I have been lucky up to now with feeding dry pet foods that have not been listed in the media as being part of the pet food recall. There have been a few news items on our local TV stations that are starting to avocate people making their own pet foods. I remember years ago doing just that for a dog we had that was allergic to practically every pet food we bought for her. I finally had to buy beef hearts, livers and other low cost high protein meats to cook and mix with bread and cooked vegetables. The cost was about the same for the home cooked meals VS the dry dog foods but it took extra time – time is what I lack right now, but it might be worth my time now to start cooking for my pets again considering the health issues of late.


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