Financially preparing for your pets future


Of course you have thought about how to prepare for your own future when you retire, but have you thought about your pets? You do know that your social security benefits won't cover pet food and probably won't be enough to pay for an expensive vet bill. If you have a puppy now and the pup lives to 15 (which is about an average life expectancy for a dog) years old, how old will you be? Close to retirement? Now think about if you have a horse, say a young horse about 2-3 years old. Horses live to nearly 30 years old nowadays. How old will you be when that horse is 25? Will you have the funds to still support that horse? Will you be able to still physically take care of the horse in 20 or so years from now?

Those are some things you should be thinking about if you acquire a pet in your later years. What will happen to that pet should your retirement not cover expenses for it?

Pet ownership is not just a matter of love but a matter of long term financial stability for that pet. Before acquiring an animal make sure you can care for that pet not only now, but 10 or 20 years from now.


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