Gadget for dog and cat owners

Here is an interesting gadget for the pet owner that has almost everything, an organizer for their dog or cat. It is called the PET MASTER and only costs $5. It can hold your pet's shopping list, vet appointments, medication schedules and has a built in alarm to remind you of those times. The device also claims to help you find dog friendly hotels when you are traveling. You can enter your vets and groomers phone numbers as well as other pet related contacts.

The Pet Master also has a built in data base that lists everything for your dog or cat about nutrition, behavior problems, grooming and health emergencies. The device is more like a book than an organizer.

I can see this being a great item to hand over to your pet sitter so they can have a list of your pet's medications and emergency numbers as well as detailed care instructions entered by you.

For the price, I see this as a great little gadget for pet owners, a pet PDA.


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