Money saving ideas for pet owners

There is no secret that economic times are tight. If there are any ways that we can cut some corners to save a little cash we find them. For example, I use to buy a complete horse feed for my senior horse. The price of that feed sky rocketed from $11 a 50# bag to $27 for a 40# bag in about 6 months. There was no way that my old guy could continue on that diet. What I did is find a substitute feed that worked for him and kept him in good condition. I ended up mixing 2 bags of feed to get the right ratio that he needed. In the long run my new mixture costs about $9 for 50#. I ended up saving more than the original cost of the feed I was giving him over 7 months prior to that.

I also found my neighbor cutting costs in her barn. Instead of using convectional lighting during the early morning hours when she feeds, she turns on a string of C7 led christmas lights that she put up. The light level is bright enough to see her horses and to feed them. Another neighbor is using the same type of lighting on his front deck year round instead of porch lights. What he did was to put the lights on the floor of the deck so he could see the steps.

Other neighbors have been fencing in more of their property and letting their livestock graze in more areas. That is to cut back on the amount of hay they have been normally buying since a ton of hay now cost over $140.

Everyone I know digs for pet food coupons like they were gold. I have not been able to find many of those since I don't get magazines nor newspapers anymore.

Saving money…'s a lot like hard work.o


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