My family pets

Sometimes I just have to write about my own pets. We currently have 5 horses….well 4 and a half really, 4 full size horses and one mini. Sabra, my 19 year old mare passed away less than a month ago, otherwise there would have been 6 horses. Along with the horses we have 3 dogs, 8 cats, one bird and one rabbit. My husband use to joke and call me Dr. Doolittle when he saw me coming home with another pet. Our last addition was over 4 years ago when my husband got a dog. Yep, he got a pet.

Unless another pet comes to us under their own power,  we have not gone out of our way to acquire any more. The pets that we have require our full attention until they pass over the rainbow bridge one day. We have one elderly horse that does require extra medications right now due to his arthritis. Most of our pets are middle aged for their species. They have many more years of living to go.

It was because of my love of animals that I started this blog back in 2006. It has been great that many people have dropped in to visit everyday. Some leave comments. Just today I got a very long comment from a person who wrote the entire comment in Spanish. Unfortunately I don't read Spanish so I did not approve it. I don't know what the comment was about. It could have been about the blog post or an ad for how to treat acne, I have no clue. I deleted the comment.

Now I am off to go give my little herd a big hug and tuck them in for the night.


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