Purchasing home decor with your pet in mind

Have you ever gone shopping for new furniture or home decor and wanted something that was really nice but stopped from buying it because your dog, cat or parrot might damage it? I was in that very position just a few days ago when I saw a wonderful item next to the Kohler fixtures section of the local Home Depot. I thought of how the dog might end knocking it over so I didn't get it. Our couch will soon need replacing and after lasting through several kittens and 2 grown cats. Now that our cats are all barn cats I feel more confident about buying a couch that will not be used as a scratching post. People who have black cats or dogs tend to buy darker colored furniture so the hair does not show up that well. Do you shop with your pets in mind? Have you changed your flooring from carpet to hardwood because you were sick and tired of cleaning carpets after housebreaking puppies? Leave a comment.


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