Supporting animal rescues

I have always been a supporter of animal rescue groups. I have adopted over 4 animals from shelters in the past 4 years. 3 dogs and one cat. I have also taken in 2 horses that badly needed homes right away. Both of them had either major health or training issues. When I come across a worthy cause I try my best to publicize it for the organization., I came across such a group this morning. They are in New Jersey and are the New Jersey Aid for Animals group. The link is to their very interesting blog. Blogging has made it possible for organizations like these to  post on up-dates about the animals they have. One post about a dog giving birth to 15 puppies in freezing weather was gut wrenching for me. On an up note they had lots of happy ending stories.

I liked the Bob Barker saying on the Price is Right “have your pet spayed or neutered”. If only more people would do that then organizations such as the New Jersey Aid for Animals would not exist. Lets get together and put all the rescues out of business by becoming a nation of responsible pet owners.


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