The toy cat


Above is a picture of a happy child with a toy cat. This cat is on sale at an online store and the toy is called the Fur Real Friends Kitty Cat . While I normally don’t bother criticizing childrens toys I do think that the toy makers are going too far. The “cat” will purr, wag it’s tail, roll it’s eyes and hiss if you pull it’s tail. 

My thoughts are “this is teaching children that live animals are toys” I then saw the price tag of the toy. For $58 I would encourage a parent to save a real cat or kitten at the local pound or purchase a different kind of toy. Why would a toy maker want to build a toy that imitates a real pet? Now if the toy was of an animal that was illegal to own like an ocelot or monkey then it might help stop the illegal trafficking of black market pets.

My daughter and I have also seen this toy cat at our local Walmart a few months back and her reaction was – “look mom, now they have a cat just like that toy horse that came out a few years ago”, she of course added, “that cat is just as stupid a toy as the horse was”. The horse was about the size of a real miniature horse and would nod it’s head, whinny and a few other things.

What the toy makers of these toys have failed to do is realize that the only reason people do have pets is for the affection factor or in the case of wanting a horse or pony, to be able to ride. When will toy makers learn?


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