The value of pets

Most pet owners will value their pets as priceless, with never the thought of how much could I get for the pet should I want to sell it. I personally am one of those types of people. A pet to me, is an animal that I have for my enjoyment and companionship. What brought up this thought is something I recently saw on Facebook.

Facebook has quickly become the place to buy and sell almost anything. It has even replaced Craigslist for buying and selling pets since Craigslist has encouraged its readers to flag such sales ads on their site. I know that Facebook has also banned such sales but there are large numbers of Facebook groups that are set to private that still do it. I am a member of several of those groups, mostly because I do buy items and most of the groups are buying and selling other items besides pets. It was in one of those groups that I saw something really odd.

In a farm Facebook group a person was selling a large rooster. Telling everyone in her post that the rooster was very friendly and was huge and 2 years old. She wanted him to go to a pet home, since he was their pet. I read to the very end of the ad and the last thing was $80 OBO. The price was a bit of a shock since I have chickens and they were all gotten at the feed store as chicks for about $2.00 each. While I commend that persons effort to price the rooster above meat prices to prevent him from ending up on a dinner table, I thought the price was a bit out of line. Someone else had questioned it and actually posted a question about it. I read the rooster owners response and the reason they wanted $80 was because they had feed the rooster more than $80 of feed in the 2 years they had him. Using that logic, my horse’s value goes up at least $100 a month.

What puzzled me the most was the fact that the ad said it was a pet. If it was a pet, why are they getting rid of it? I would like to see the reason. If they were moving and could not take him with them, then I could understand that. I wonder what the real reason was for them trying to sell a large 2 year old rooster for $80


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